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Dating a browning a5 magnum

Help Identifying A Browning A5 Gun Values Board Just found (and bought) a WW-II era Breda model 710 12-ga auto, and I'm looking for some background info. But in the end, we will stand." --Roland Deschain I can't find any info on the 710, probably since it was not imported into the U. However, those Bredas were all basiy copies of the Browning Auto, using a long recoil mechanism. Help Identifying A <strong>Browning</strong> A5 Gun Values Board
Have a question on my Belgium Semi Auto 3" Magnum with 2 barrels serial numbers 37XXX, this gun has a 31" Full choke vent rib. Dating a Browning A5 I.

Browning A5 Review, History and Variety - YouTube The manufacturer's stamp reads "Breda-Breschia." It has a 24" vent rib barrel with a threaded end, and a 4" extension of some sort. The dealer could only tell me that it was built in 1941; I don't know where he got his info. The date of manufacture is marked on all Italian firearms of that period. <i>Browning</i> A5 Review, History and Variety - YouTube
Do you know if a 1970 browning magnum 12 gauge can shoot steel shot.

Post 1958 Browning Dating System - The bore has a few small grooves, as if someone fired superhot steel through it, but otherwise, it's a beauty. It is in Roman numerals dating from the start of Mussolini's "ren" in 1923. Jim COINNEACH I don't have information on the 710, but can furnish you a little history on the Berda MKII. Post 1958 <b>Browning</b> <b>Dating</b> System -
Dating Browning Firearms Post 1958 Manufacture. This dating system is for Browning firearms manufactured after 1958. Most early Browning serial numbers contained no.

Browning Belgium Shotguns - O/U Superposed For Sale The Berda 12ga, Mark II semi auto shotgun is mfg'd in Itally be Breda Meccanica Brescianna. <b>Browning</b> Belgium Shotguns - O/U Superposed For Sale
Browse all new and used Browning Belgium Shotguns - O/U Superposed for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International.

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Browning Auto-5 segment - YouTube Breda shotgun prior to Introduction of the Mark II version in 1957. <i>Browning</i> Auto-5 segment - YouTube
History of Browning Auto 5 Semi-automatic shotgun. Segment from a Browning documentary.

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